California LTL Wine Shipping Rates

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Fuel Surcharge (i)

Last Updated 10/9/2018

Surge Charge (i)

Rates last updated 01/01/2018

After-hours Delivery
(other than 8am – 3pm)
Excessive Detention Location
(when service occurs at known high-detention locations; you will be notified upon order)
10% charge, max $50
Lumper $1 per case
min $50
max $1,232
Liftgate $75 min
Redelivery $50
(same day pickup or delivery)
$50 min
Holding\Storage $50 min daily
Credit Card Convenience Fee 3.2%
Special Handling Fee (This occurs when a shipment requires special handling, you must notify us in advance) 10%-50% when notified in advance
Otherwise up to 65%

(**)Designates NOT in the overnight service area. Shipments to/from these service areas < 112cs will have pickup fees as listed in our Retail Rates card. These shipments will be billed as LA County or SF/Napa + the corresponding Retail Rate per case unless otherwise quoted.