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Valued Customer,

In mid-December 2017 there will be a new mandated regulation applied specifically to how hours of service for a commercial driver are calculated. Part of the requirement is the implementation of an ELD (Electronic Log Device) that will be linked to the driver and activated the moment a key is turned on in a commercial vehicle. We have diligently been preparing for this and are ready for the challenges this requirement will create industry wide.

We have invested in strategically placed facilities, both in CA and TX, to allow similar coverage for pickups and deliveries under this new regulation, but the result is still that more staff, drivers and trucks are required in order to fulfill our commitments to you. In fact optimistic estimates have the implementation causing a reduction in national trucking capacity by 10-15% right way. Some of that will be drivers that matriculate out of the industry, but most of that is based on the fact that it simply will take more trucks to do the same job.

While safety has always been paramount in our processes and our record reflects that; we still understand that the velocity you receive the products that you order, results in the velocity you can make sales and honor your commitments, be it by the glass placements or that big box store that finally gave you the order you have been fighting for. In order to compensate for the considerable rising cost of the infrastructure this demands, we must review and increase our prices. We will be looking at all pricing agreements in every lane while taking several factors into account that could influence the cost to service a customer or a location. Furthermore, please see the list of accessorial charges below that will apply to special services, like appointed delivery, lift-gate service, and after-hour deliveries.

Finally, we appreciate you. Every service agreement is a statement of trust between service provider and customer, and we are grateful to be able to earn your trust on a daily basis.


Thomas J. O’Doan

Chief Executive Officer – Pacific Coast Transportation/Santa Barbara Freight

After-hours Delivery
(other than 8am – 3pm)
Excessive Detention Location
(when service occurs at known high-detention locations; you will be notified upon order)
10% charge, max $50
Lumper $1 per case
min $50
max $1,232
Liftgate $75 min
Redelivery $50
(same day pickup or delivery)
$50 min
Holding\Storage $50 min daily
Credit Card Convenience Fee 3.2%
Special Handling Fee (This occurs when a shipment requires special handling, you must notify us in advance) 10%-50% when notified in advance
Otherwise up to 65%